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For the Ultimate Soul Check-In!

Receive clarity, direction, insight & divine guidance as you receive messages from your Higher Self, Spirit Team, Ancestors and Divine Support + the high vibrational energy shifts and activations that come during and long after this session!

+ You will receive a personal remote clearing/healing, outside of this 60 min session.

"Wow Nickie-Jean! That reading was just mind-blowingly amazing! Thank you so much! So much came through and everything was bang on. The awareness that came through, the clearings and healing were just beyond wow. I am so grateful.

I really appreciate this and you. You are such an amazing soul. Thank you so much."

                                  Client Feedback

60 min Zoom Session may Include:
•    Psychic/mediumship (connection with your ancestors/loved ones)
•    Energy reading, energy block clearing, and energy activations
•    Contract clearing & cord dissolving
•    Angelic/galactic support connection & out of this world support for your soul's journey!
•    Receiving your unique spiritual tools/gifts/rituals
•    Oracle card messages (pictures of cards & meanings sent to you for reference)

$188 NZD

60 min via Zoom (recorded and sent via private YouTube link).

Remote Clearing / healing

Cost incl. prep time before & after both 60 min Zoom and remote clearing/healing

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