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Activate Your
Aligned Abundance

A 16 week group journey to be in the realm of receiving your soul-aligned abundance & manifestations - showing up in your unique & authentic way incl. aligning with your personal Human Design + Gene Keys charts, your soul's purpose, 1-1 support with your unconscious shadows rising, channeled meditations & activations and more!

Why? Because this is role modelling for the highest good of all!


STARTED MARCH 2024 - Email to Register Your Interest for the Next intake

Feel the Magic for Free

"To anyone who needs to see this,
I can't explain everything that NJ (Nickie-Jean) has taught me in human
words; I wish I could and maybe one day I will!
But for now, I will say that having someone like NJ will change
your life for the highest and greatest good -
but only you have the choice to find this out for yourself.
It is an incredible journey of healing, consciousness and
unconditional love for yourself and humanity."


Nickie-Jean is here for You - the Leaders, Guides, Visionaries & Change-Makers.

Who are ready to: live in your divine purpose, authenticity, soul gifts & highest potential

in service of the greater good!​

You were born for this - to be leading in love, connection & unity in your full expression because you know that the current way of existing is no longer working and you're ready to be part championing this great shift forward!

Whether it's in your soul-biz, community work, healing modalities, family life... if you're ready to rocket forward by having the depth of your unconscious hidden wounds alchemized so they are no longer holding you back from being all of your unique gifts and potential and actually be in the freedom of being the creator of your life - enjoying your manifestations and serving a greater purpose, then check out the life-changing packages available for you!

Nickie-Jean uses a holistic approach - applying her signature spiritual modalities + studied psychology strategies

+ deep wisdom + divine support to create a compassionate & safe space to support you to be

living in the freedom of your Sacred Self. You will be guided for you to receive your aligned solutions,

because you contain all of the answers within.​


It truly is a miraculous & transformative experience!

"I'm so glad I met NJ when I did. I'd reached a plateau in my journey, and the 'chasing the love and light' approach wasn't feeling aligned (anymore). NJ expertly and compassionately guided me to face some of my biggest shadows head on, while also empowering me with the knowledge, resources and tools to continue this essential work beyond our sessions together. She has an extraordinary depth of wisdom and clarity, and is highly articulate in her responses - which were refreshingly direct and not always comfortable to hear.... but this is part of her remarkable gift - to reflect back to us exactly what it is that we need to look at, in order to unleash the magic within and propel ourselves forward into exciting new territory and possibilities! I also really appreciated NJ's professional approach and the boundaries has in place for herself in terms of responding to clients, for example; she practises what she preaches and this is an important consideration for me when choosing who to work with. I learnt SO much about myself within a relatively short time frame with NJ, and my perspective has shifted (for the better) in ways I hadn't anticipated. For one thing, I now understand that the emotional highs and lows I've experienced for as long as I can remember, are part of my unique design - a gift to be embraced, rather than a character flaw or something to be 'corrected'. This is life changing!! NJ, I can't thank you enough for taking me on as a client, and for living and loving into ALL of who YOU are - which is such a gift for humanity.
Bless you, Arohanui
Amy, The Brave Space
From Coffee Chats to Launching My Dream Biz!
Just wanted to spill the beans on this amazing human, NJ. For most of this year, I've been kicking off my mornings with NJ over coffee. There's just this vibe – calm, fun and  epic energy feels– that hangs around when she's in the mix.
Work life was throwing me a ton of curveballs from past dramas, and I was feeling it weekly, sometimes daily. One day, it was all just too much, and I reached out to NJ to find out more. No beating around the bush, I went all-in on The Divine Evolution Package. Something in me screamed, "Do it now!" 
Within 24 hours of our first session, my whole parenting game did a 180. Bedtime stopped being a battlefield and started feeling like a breeze. The next day, I swear I was walking on sunshine, this crazy energy buzzing through me.
We caught up weekly, but whenever I hit a trigger, a quick Voxer message to NJ was like hitting the reset button. She'd guide me straight to the source of my issues, and after a few rounds, I was able to do it solo. It wasn't just about me, I had better communication with the hubby and friends, it became my new superpower, said what I needed to say without drowning in regret – win-win!
After month one, I was hooked. Month two got wild with Human Design and Gene Keys – aligning my energy like a boss. Friends and family started asking what I’m doing cause I seemed light, glowing and genuinely looked happy. I explained just NJ’s magic at work. By the end of the second month, I wasn't just manifesting opportunities; I was launching my own darn business! It felt like the universe was in sync, and I was riding the wave. So, if you're on the lookout for a game-changer in the self-discovery department, NJ is your person.
Thanks a million, NJ, for steering me through this wild ride!
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