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About Nickie-Jean


This spiritual journey has always been open & available to me; from seeing spirits when I was a kid (and not knowing what they were), to receiving divine guidance & sharing psychic/medium messages through oracle cards and beyond.

What I was unaware of was what was holding me back.

I immersed in a year-long course - Compassionate Inquiry from Dr Gabor Maté - where I was the therapist & client every week, learning how to get to the core of trauma (stuck energy) in triggers & active wounds. This course was going into beliefs & wounds from childhood, yet I was naturally going beyond into the core in past-life & ancestral (and beyond! ).

There was stuff that little me had blocked at as a beautiful coping strategy and this was the stuff that was holding me

back from my full potential.

The reason you don’t want to go there (+ continuing in the suffering & discomfort of life),  is because you haven't experienced safety in being all of you. Your emotions, thoughts, ailments, beliefs etc. signpost exactly to where you are in alignment & expansive and where you are still existing in your lowest expressions and out of alignment. This directly correlates to limiting thoughts, conditions, beliefs from the collective immersed in and through active wounds from childhood, ancestral lines + past-lives etc.


This is moving beyond indoctrination into believing that it’s unsafe to be authentic, connected & embracing your wholeness

AND living in your dream life - receiving miracles, manifestation & prosperity! 


This is breaking free from the intergenerational cycles & freeing your ancestral lines, supporting your generations to come, and is living as an embodied act of service for the highest good of all - HECK YESSSS!!!

What I’ve come to know is that the spiritual expansion & personal growth & receiving the manifestation of our soul-aligned desires requires being in flow with doing the inner child healing & shadow work and imprinting a higher vibrational mindset!

One aspect of my unique gifts is to see easily & exactly where you are stuck + compassionately guiding you to where that is

+ share your unique solutions coming from your highest self! You'll also be empowered to be in your unique & aligned way of being in the flow of doing this expansive inner work, for yourself and celebrated through your breakthroughs!

In session, I also utilize your Gene Keys (to reveal exactly where your core wounds are for you to alchemise in different areas of your life and how to use this to your advantage and be in the gift of - including prosperity!), + your Human Design blueprint in exactly how your energy is in alignment & how to be in alignment in your everyday life!

Your soul is intuiting breadcrumbs for you to follow with your Higher Self & spirit teams + ancestors cheering you on…
because You came here for this AND this level of support to guide you back home into alignment with your truth, authenticity, purpose, soul gifts, abundance + prosperity of who you are authentically born here to be!

Now is the exact time to jump in and transcend your shadows AND prosper in living in your magick, miracles & manifestations in alignment with the highest good of all!



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