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For the Visionaries & Guides leading in love into the new paradigm frequency. 

Connect with your divine soul purpose & access your expanded consciousness, divine support teams & the spiritual gifts of aligning with your highest potential brings.

Alchemize the depths of your hidden wounds into the expansion & wisdom this brings incl. divine clearing statements for potent soul shifts. Uncover hidden gems, connect with divine councils & receive unique modalities, tools, skills & gifts to support you & the collective. 

Live in alignment & discernment with your highest path 

Myth-bust & move beyond conditions, fears, limits and beliefs from the core - that have been keeping you small. Receive your unique energy clearing & intention rituals + tidy up your standards & boundaries. 
Aligned empowerment to create & manifest the life you love to live in. Elevate & expand in your divine gifts + align with the highest good of all.

Divine Evolution 1-1 Package Includes:
•    Going to the core wounding of triggers as they arise (childhood, ancestral, past-lives & beyond)
•    Weekly 60min Zoom session
•    Weekly divine clearing/healing
•    Mon - Fri Signal for support in between sessions + practical strategies
•    Alignment with & guidance for how you are here to show up in your everyday work and/or soul-biz
•    Your Human Design chart reading + tips, tools, & support
•    Your Gene Keys chart support for personal growth journey
•    Resources to connect you with your growth journey

•    FREE Abundance Manifestation Meditation


New to doing Shadow Work/Inner Child Healing requires 3 months min.

PIF 5 months - Receive 6th month FREE!

Easy Payments Plans Available.

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