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Alchemize your shadows & core wounding from childhood, ancestral & past lives into the gift that these bring - existing beyond the conditioning, beliefs & limiting patterns that have been holding you back from your authenticity, truth, inner peace and essence you are here to shine in!

Empowered to live in flow with your emotions rising. Change your life from the inside out with practical tools & skills to use in your everyday life.
Live in the opportunity of showing up & doing your shadow work in your unique & aligned way. 

Improve your relationships by moving beyond your reactions & wounds. Divine shadow work supports you to move beyond your lowest vibes. Alchemising into the gifts that these bring + step into living in your higher vibrational abundant existence

Golden Opportunities 1-1 Support Includes:
•    Going to the core wounding of triggers as they arise. 
•    Empowerment to integrate your shadow work into your everyday life.
•    Weekly 60min Zoom Session.
•    Mon - Fri Signal support for triggers arising, insights, journal prompts.
•    Your Human Design chart reading + tips, tools, & support.
•    Your Gene Keys chart support for personal growth journey.
•    Resources to connect you with your growth journey.

•    FREE Abundance Manifestation Meditation


$777 USD per month
New to doing Shadow Work/Inner Child Healing requires 3 months min.

PIF 5 months - Receive 6th month FREE!

Easy Payments Plans Available.

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