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Nickie-Jean's excitement for creating through writing and public speaking has had her receive recognition through multiple awards in both areas of expertise. Her creative writing career has included magazine articles, guest blogging for festivals, radio advertising, newsletters, website content and social media content. And she has created speeches, guested on podcasts, and channels messages through live & recorded socials.

Nickie-Jean gets jazzed up on speaking about:

  • Shadow Work & Inner Child Healing

  • Trauma & Healing 

  • Authentic Spirituality

  • Speaking 'Truth'

  • Energy Work

  • Intuition

  • Travelling

  • Grief

  • Self-Care

  • Learning & Growing from Difficult Experiences

  • Ascension

  • Living a Purposeful & Fulfilling Life
    She could go on and on... speaking to a multitude of topics, and she can just as easily write content and articles about these things, too!

Nickie-Jean is available for contracted creative services and speaking at events + podcast guesting. Inquire below:

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