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This is a supportive space for you to journey together to receive connection, clarity, and a fresh direction moving forward.


These group sessions are great for friends to get together and receive a new experience, perfect for retreats and conscious gatherings (hello new style of Hen's Party!), for spiritual circles / centers to add something fresh to power up in potent energies, or for work places who wish to embody a deeper connection and collaboration with colleagues. 

These sessions will be tailored to suit your individual requirements :)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you! My energy feels way way way lighter and the load of stagnant energy has lifted... which would explain the trauma that you cleared... I know this trauma has been carried through many lifetimes... Isn't it crazy how trauma from past lives and this life can have such a vibrational impact?! And I've been working really really hard, too, with myself to heal these traumas. With this clearing, your healing, I feel so f*ckin amazing! Feels like I'm ready to finally get my game face on!"

Client Feedback  ​


This 2 hr Experience Includes:

  • Preparation energy clearing of location

  • A shift in stagnant energies

  • Clear & align your energy centers

  • Dissolve energetic cord ties & attachments

  • Insights from your inner wisdom

  • Potential to connect with your Divine Team / Ancestors

  • Oracle Card messages

  • Journal prompts

  • Info for your after-care and shifts


​$55 NZD per person (Minimum of 8 people)

In-person or via Zoom 

Weekends/Evenings possible - subject to Nickie-Jean's availability.

In-person sessions will have additional charges of travel expenses incurred.


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